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Being a foster parent is a rewarding experience, enabling you to help our most helpless animals get a second chance as they regain health, learn to trust in humans, and acquire social development in preparation for permanent adoption.

PURR focuses on cats with medical issues, and cats who need to build trust in humans, so we are seeking foster homes with people comfortable with providing extra care and understanding.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Processing applications may take 2-3 days as the rescue is run solely by volunteers.



Ethel is approximately 8 years old and has had an interesting life. About 4 years ago she was rescued from the streets of Kensington after her family kicked her out of the house. Her behavior indicated that she may have been mistreated (kicked) as she would flinch and swat if you walked by her very quickly.

Ethel and another kitty from the same area went to live with a family in Virginia. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Ethel and the other kitty, a really sweet submissive kitty named Lucy, did not get along at all! The fighting between them got worse and worse and after a couple years of trying to make it work, it got so bad that we decided we needed to rehome her. Since that time, she has been living with one of our volunteers who has a number of resident cats.

Ethel has gotten so much better with her swatting (although in full disclosure, if you run by her quickly she occasionally still does swat). The big problem though is the other cats who unfortunately just don't seem to like her.

She has become a very, very affectionate cat and always wants to be in the room with people and she really deserves her own forever home. However, the ideal situation for her would be a home with no other pets. Her occasionally swatting also eliminates potential adopters with young children from the mix!

It is going to be tough to find that perfect mix of kindness, patience and compassion but we believe there is somebody out there for her!! Is that person you??

If interested in giving her a chance, please fill out our foster application below. 😺


Chloe is an awesome cat that used to live at a different colony. She was very shy/scared and was not doing well in her previous situation so she came to PURR's colony. Since then, she has thrived and has become potentially adoptable.

We're looking for a foster home to take her in a for a couple of weeks for a "trial run" to ensure that she'll be a good candidate for an adoption.

She is gorgeous, petite and very sweet, but also shy so if you have experience with shy/skittish cats that would be a big plus!

If interested in giving her a chance, please fill out our foster application below. 😺

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