Cat Sanctuary

Welcome Home, Kitties

The Sanctuary

One of PURR's volunteers owns a small property that serves as an outdoor colony for cats that have nowhere else to be placed. This includes feral cats that can’t be released where they were found due to the location being unsafe, and some cats that are friendly but unadoptable because of inappropriate urination or other behavioral issues.

The feral cats hide most of the time, but they always know when it is feeding time! It is so rewarding to see how the cats slowly learn to trust the people who care for them.

We are proud to be a sanctuary where each cat is accepted just the way they are!

Our Process

Upon accepting a cat into our sanctuary, they are acclimated for 4-6 weeks in one of two sheds we have on site. They begin in a large crate inside the shed, then transition to having the run of the whole shed. After that, we open a pet door so they can access the outdoor section that is closed in with chicken wire. This allows them to get used to the smells, sounds, etc of the colony to help ensure that they will stay.

These sheds also serve as shelter for all of the cats during the cold months. Although we do our best to provide many insulated containers stuffed with straw in the sheds to help keep the cats warm, it is still very cold. We are hoping to find a way to safely provide some form of heat to these sheds before next winter comes!

Learn more about some of our specific colony residents below.


There are recurring costs that come with running a home for these kitties, such as food, water and veterinary costs. Anything you can contribute to help would be greatly appreciated!



Spice Boy is the ambassador of our sanctuary. He is an amazingly awesome cat with a ton of personality. If it weren't for his terrible spraying habits and his overaggressive swats, he would be the perfect house cat 😄! However, since he does have these issues, he will live out his life very comfortably at our Sanctuary.

Cow Cat

Cow Cat is quite a character. He had been brought to our previous colony location by a rescue but when the property owners moved, the cats had to be relocated. Cow Cat's rescue did not show up to take him so he came with us. He isn't a huge fan of humans but he LOVES other cats so he is really happy at the colony!

Cow Cat, photobombing Gramps

Hanging out with James


Sammy is one of our longest residents. He came to us as a teenage kitten who was rescued with his siblings from an unsafe location.

All of the kitties were very feral so it was determined that the colony was the best option for them. Sadly, the entire litter had terrible issues from the very beginning that continued to ail them throughout their lives and over the years his siblings passed away.

Sammy is still with us though, and is doing really well. Although he is still very feral, he will now hang around openly with the rest of the crew and has even allowed us to touch him once or twice!


Smudge is such a silly cat, every so often it seems like he is adoptable but when he comes inside he just reverts and hides. Ultimately, it seems that the colony is the perfect place for him to just be himself.


Smirk is a big old tomcat and perfectly represents the type of cats that we strive to help. He isn't very friendly and isn't super cute in the traditional sense but we still love him dearly.


Sweet Boy is another long term resident who came to us, along with some other members of his feline family, when his previous home became a construction zone.

His caretaker is a wonderful woman who found us and ensured that they all would have a place to live out the rest of their lives. The rest of the group has remained very feral but Sweet Boy has mellowed out a lot and no longer hides when he sees people.


Timmy is another cat that came to us when his previous home became a construction zone. He has a ton of personality and although he is almost friendly enough to be adopted, he is thriving at the colony and really loves his freedom.


Gramps showed up at the colony one day so we don't know anything about his history. He was already eartipped and initially was really beat up so it is a good thing that he found us!

He fits in so well with the other cats and his physical condition has improved so much since he found a home with us!


Chloe is an awesome cat that used to live at a different colony. She was very shy/scared and was not doing well in her previous situation so she came to PURR's colony. Since then, she has thrived. 😺


Stormy is a big old tomcat who looks ferocious but is actually a big sweetie. He can't be handled or pet but he loves to be close to the action and observe.


Callie is a gorgeous calico kitty that was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. She was so afraid of humans and other cats when she first came to our sanctuary that she would hide in the woods all the time and sneak out to eat after the other cats were finished.

Over time, she has gotten so much more comfortable with both other cats and humans. The fact that she stood still to let us take a picture of her was pretty impressive!



Over the years that Winston lived at our colony, he became increasingly friendly. Earlier this year, he developed some health issues and since he had become so much more sociable, he was able to be relocated to a foster home. He is getting the medical attention he needs and is enjoying his new indoor life!


One of the very first cats that we committed to care for was Tarzan, who was initially so feral that he wouldn't come within 20 feet of a human. If you dared to even look at him, he would hightail it into the woods.

It took years for him to learn to trust us, but eventually he realized that he did not need to be afraid. As his health started to deteriorate, one of our volunteers stepped up and provided him an indoor home, where he will live out his life.


Brillo was rescued from a street in Northeast Philly where he was in absolutely terrible condition and was literally struggling to survive. We accepted him into our colony but quickly determined that he was too friendly to be a permanent resident. He eventually found placement with another rescue group and is on his way to having his own forever home!