PURR Alumni 2019

Cats We've Helped Find a Home

While we normally focus on cats that are feral or have behavioral issues that prevent them from being adoptable (and thus live in our sanctuary), sometimes we get a special few kitties who end up being the right fit to get adopted.


Adopted Early 2018

We don't have a ton of info on Winston, as he ended up getting adopted through another rescue, but you can see this man of mystery is very happy and comfy in his new home!!!

Sweetie, Formally known as Kitten

Adopted April 2019

Kitten had a large growth on her side, which limited her adoption potential, so she was scheduled to be euthanized on a Sunday at 5:00 pm. At about 4:45 pm, PURR decided to pull Kitten and try to get her medical issues resolved. We are soooo happy that we made that decision because this kitty is absolutely amazing. She is so loving and affectionate and is in great health, other than the growth on her side of course.

Thanks to Angela Seward and her amazingly generous friends, we had a great start on the funds needed for her medical expenses. Our amazing donors came through for the rest and we were able to get her the help she needed.

Kitten really is absolutely precious -- when she was at her vet appointment she didn't stop rubbing against everybody for pets and proceeded to make herself comfortable right next to the keypad :)

Complicating her surgery was the fact that she has a heart murmur, which made the sedation a little trickier. Thankfully though, Kitten came through her surgery with no problems whatsoever! She didn’t seem to be in any discomfort, other than hating her cone (although her pain meds probably helped).

Thank you again to everybody who helped save Kitten!!! She has a new name, "Sweetie", which fits her perfectly. In addition to a new name, she has wonderful new home!! As soon as we met Barbara, the lady who opened her home to Sweetie, we knew this would be a fabulous situation. Barbara is one of those people who just radiates kindness (and the world could use a lot more of)! She has a few other kitties, who also welcomed Sweetie into their home.

This was such a perfect ending and could not have been accomplished without everybody coming together to help in any way they could. Thank you again!!

Sweetie had quite the growth!
It's hard to feel stylish with a big lump like that
Feeling fabulous with her post-surgery collar
Showing off the lack of lump!

Zack-Zack, The Handsome Rogue

Adopted June 2019

PURR rescued Zack-Zack from ACCT in Philly where he was timestamped to be euthanized because his medical issues were beyond what could be provided at the shelter.

We had called ACCT about pulling poor Luna, a gorgeous black cat who had virtually no interest. After agreeing to pull Luna, Lifesaving at ACCT mentioned Zack-Zack, telling us about how wonderful he was and we agreed to pull him too.

What an absolutely AMAZING cat he turned out to be! 😻He's gorgeous, fluffy and so affectionate, even when he must have been feeling terrible as a result of the awful condition of his mouth.

When we got him he was super skinny, surely because of how painful it was for him to eat, and he had a bit of an upper respiratory infection. Thankfully these were relatively easy issues to take care of with funding from our generous donors!

Zack-Zack has now found a loving home and couldn't be happier! 😺

After his initial rescue, looking very thin
Hanging out in the bathtub in his new home
Relaxing and happy to be at a healthy weight
Such a dashing kitty cat
Stealing some smooches, that rogue

Fiona and Finn

Adopted in July 2019

Say hello to Fiona and Finn! These two little cuties became super bonded foster siblings while living together.

Fiona (the orange, striped one) is about three months old and is a ball of energy! She was turned into the ACCT after she was found all alone outside.

Finn (the tan one) is a “teenager”, probably about 10 months old. He's laid back and very affectionate. He was dumped in the middle of the night at a nearby horse farm 😢.

PURR was thrilled to find a great home that took both of them and allowed them to keep living together! 😺

Fiona, a little ball of energy and love
Finn, a laid back and affectionate gentleman


Adopted in July 2019

We rescued Snowball, the declawed senior white cat, from ACCT where she had been abandoned by her owner of 12 years 😿 She was not doing well at all in the shelter environment and her health was declining rapidly from the stress so she was timestamped for euthanasia. Fortunately, a kind soul offered to foster Snowball, so PURR was able to pull her from the shelter!

Snowball is very, very affectionate and just loves attention. Although she was declawed by her previous owner, she still loves scratching posts where she mimics using her nails. She is very small and doesn’t seem to have been taken very good care of in her previous home. When she was first pulled from ACCT, she had absolutely awful intestinal issues and once that started to clear up, she developed an upper respiratory infection. Her foster mom gave her such great care that Snowball was finally healthy and even putting on some much needed weight!

Huge thanks to Angela Seward for all her tireless work promoting Snowball and for Maddy Ann, who literally saved Snowball’s life by agreeing to foster her and then nursed her back to good health! We are so appreciative to Angela, Maddy and to all the supporters who donated to Snowball’s care and medical needs!

We are happy to say that we finally found a loving home for Snowball! 😺

Striking her best model pose!
Looking for some tasty treats
Showing off her stylish collar
Snowball is super affectionate. Here she is going for a high five!


Adopted in August 2019

Willy (formally known as Roadie) was adopted by 2 amazing ladies! We're thrilled to have him go off to such a great home 😸.


Adopted in August 2019

Max was a popular little guy who had a lot of people interested in him. He finally got adopted and is now at is his new home!


Adopted in August 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Gina has been adopted and is now at her new home!


Adopted August 2019

Hi, my name is Bandit! I am a big, handsome black cat with two features that make me really special. The first is the tip of my tail is white, which is really cool, and I only have one eye, which makes it look like I'm always winking at you! 😉

I have had a pretty tough year and am hoping that you will take the time to read my story and maybe consider opening up your home to me.

I am approximately six years old and I lived almost my entire life in the big house of a very nice lady. I was well fed and cared for, but she had so many cats that most of us had to stay in cages all of the time. Unfortunately, earlier this year, something happened to my owner and all of us had to find new homes, which was a really huge endeavor considering there were over 50 cats!

At that time, I was acting so scared that everybody got the impression I was semi-feral, so me, and a few of my cat buddies, found homes at an outdoor sanctuary.

Unfortunately, I'm not an outdoor kind of cat and being there got me so stressed out that I came down with a terrible upper respiratory infection that ended up causing me to have to have one of my eyes removed! I think it makes me look like a dashing pirate.

The positive side is that while I was recovering from my surgery, my caretakers realized that I wasn't actually feral, just a scared cat who had had gone through some enormous life changes!

After my surgery, I went to live with a very nice foster family, but for the first couple weeks I was still so scared that I just hid under the bed. Pretty soon, however, I realized that everything was okay and I didn't need to be scared, so I slowly started venturing out.

For a while, I spent every waking moment with my foster family. I followed them everywhere, watch tv with them, and I even got to sleep in bed with them. It's awesome!

After a few months hanging out with my foster family, I was finally adopted! Life is good 😸

Perpetually winking after a successful eye surgery!
Bandit shortly after his surgery. Such a brave little man!
Taking a cat nap

Penny and Arthur

Adopted in September 2019

Meet Arthur and Penny!

Author is an ADORABLE four month old kitten who is excited to find his forever home. Arthur was found living outside a police station with two of his siblings at the beginning of the summer. A couple police officers found the kitties and were feeding them until they could find rescue. Eventually, word got to one of PURR’s volunteers about the kitties and she quickly scooped them up and got them into a foster home.

Arthur has turned into an absolutely gorgeous little boy. His markings are fantastic and he has such a strong and silly personality. He LOVES to play and is also super affectionate and loves to be cradled while he falls asleep.

PURR was thrilled to find a great home that took both of them and allowed them to keep living together! 😺

Izzo Aka Mr Big Stuff AKA Burrito

Adopted in October 2019

More good news! Izzy/Mr.Big Stuff has found his forever home and has had his name changed one last time. He is now known as BURRITO, which is a great name for him and a perfect complement to his new feline brother, Queso (who is also quite large) 😜. This huge, handsome lover boy is doing fantastic and enjoying the luxury of his new home.

We are so incredibly happy for this amazing cat. It breaks my heart to think of this boy wandering the streets of Philadelphia as a stray and then how close he came to being euthanized at ACCT. We are sooooo very grateful to each of you who made it possible for our rescue to save him. We are only able to do what we do because of our amazing supporters! THANK YOU!!

Here's our original post about him:

Check out this super handsome boy, Mr. Big Stuff (Mr. Big for short)! Some of you may recognize him as the medically urgent cat who was timestamped at ACCT on on Sept 6th, but the great news is that PURR was able to save him!

Mr. Big is a super friendly, senior declawed POLYDACTYL cat and was found as a stray in North Philly. Mr. Big is quite the character. He is very talkative and very tall...we need to figure out a way to photograph him showing how tall he is because it is extraordinary!

He has an ear infection and some odd growths that need to be examined and possibly biopsied but he seems relatively healthy otherwise, considering he was living on the streets. Keep your fingers crossed for Mr. Big that his medical issues are straightforward!

Thank you so much to those of you who made pledges for Mr. Big and have already donated to his care!! Any additional donations would be greatly appreciated. Learn more about ways to donate here.

Once Mr. Big's medical issues have been resolved he will be looking for a forever home. He is going to be a big boy, he has such a long body that once he fills out he is going to be 20+ pounds as a healthy weight. This boy is really special between his size and his many ties!! Thank you Angelo Ruffo for letting him borrow this fancy tie, he sure does look dapper!

Ready for business!


Adopted in October 2019

Great news to report! Our long term foster, Cuervo, finally went to his forever home this past weekend. Cuervo was one of the cats we rescued from being euthanized at ACCT, where he had been surrendered by his owners. He was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid and was unable to be regulated with medicine. With your help, we were able to raise funds to have the I-133 radiation treatment done.

After the treatment at Haven Lake Veterinary Hospital in Milford, DE, we had to wait 3 months to have his thyroid levels tested to see if the treatment worked. We are excited to announce that his thyroid levels are now normal! With that issue taken care of, our regular vet agreed to perform his dental surgery and removed many rotten teeth, which were causing him great discomfort.

Cuervo started to put on some weight and was finally ready to head to his forever him! His adopter was one of the amazing individuals who had pledged for him while he was still at ACCT and she kept in touch with us every step of his medical journey. Although we really miss the handsome boy, we couldn’t be happier about his new home.

Thank you to everybody who helped along the way to make it possible to give Cuervo a second chance and to ensure he didn’t die alone and afraid at ACCT!!


Adopted in October 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Lola has been adopted and is now at her new home!

Baby Binks AKA Arthur

Adopted in October 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Baby Binks has been adopted!

Here's our original post about him:

Baby Binks is 8 weeks old. He's sweet, strong, smart and raring to get a home of his own. His sisters, Bettie and Bunny, adore him. These little June-bugs were born outside a Philadelphia Police Station and rescued and fostered by PURR. Baby Binks was the first fella caught -- his eyes were still blue -- and he has the easiest purr. Like the other Binks kittens, he is fixed, tested negative for disease and up to date on her shots.

Charlotte And Eloise

Adopted in October 2019

Eloise is a lovely tabico kitten and Charlotte is the adorable orange kitten. Both are cute as a button, your typical adorable kittens and are super playful and affectionate!

We're thrilled to say that they have both been adopted 😺


Adopted in October 2019

We're thrilled to say that Chase has found a home along with Panda!

Chase is a male kitten, approx 4 months old. Not only is he ADORABLE, he's cat friendly, dog friendly, people friendly and super affectionate.


Adopted in October 2019

We're thrilled to say that Panda has found a home along with Chase!

Hanging with Phoebe!


Adopted November 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Bentley was actually adopted by his foster mom! He was just too lovable to give away.

From his foster mom: Bentley is the most lovable affectionate little boy once he gets to know you! He loves all of his "peeps", other cats and my lab Phoebe! He would rather cuddle in your lap than play with his toys. Bentley knows how to give kisses and hugs and is so nice to everyone! If you love to watch football on a Sunday afternoon, he is the one to watch it with!

Arthur Aka Biggie Binks

Adopted November 2019

We're happy to announce Arthur has been adopted!

A big, 3lb furball. He's a lovely tabby cat, very smart and active, and a great foster brother to her foster siblings. Like the other Binks kittens, he is fixed, tested negative for disease and up to date on his shots.


Adopted November 2019

Genevieve has found a forever home!!

Here's our original post about her:

Genevieve is ready for adoption! She is, quite possibly, the most affectionate cat we have ever had. She literally just wants to be held. She is almost too affectionate!!!

She is about 6 months old, and really gorgeous too, definitely has fancy cat in her. Will tolerate other cats but swats them out of the way so that she can get all the love so she would do great as a single kitty.


Adopted December 2019

We're happy to report that Ziggy has found his forever home 😺

Here's our original post about him:

Ziggy is another one of our male kittens, approx. 4 months old. He's cat friendly, dog friendly, people friendly and super affectionate. He also has some cool hair.


Adopted 2019

We're happy to report that Goldie has found his forever home 😺

Here's some info about him from our very own Shauna Frye:

I actually think he was the love of my life! I literally just teared up thinking about that handsome boy. I still remember Angela calling me asking me if I would take a chance on him. From the first moment I saw him and his soulful eyes, I loved him and that love only grew stronger the longer I had him. He was really a cat like no other that I have ever known.

Anyway, he found an incredible home with a guy who lives in a lovely house in Philadelphia and has a few other cats that were rescued from ACCT. He sends me updates and pictures regularly and I really believe he was the perfect adopter and loves Goldie as much as I do!!

Spiced Latte

Adopted December 2019

Spiced Latte, the young long haired tortie who was found wandering around as a stray, was such a gorgeous, super sweet kitty. She had some medical issues that required relatively long term treatment but she finally got better and found her forever home this past month!


Adopted December 2019

Her foster decided to keep her and let her live out the rest of her life in their home 😺

Here's our original post about her:

Chloe is our stunning and sweet little senior cat. This poor girl was abandoned at the local animal shelter by her owner of 15 years because they were moving to a place that didn’t allow cats.

Chloe was petrified in the animal shelter with all the noise and unfamiliar smells so we are so happy that were able to rescue her from there. She is so sweet and gentle and really deserves a second chance. She has never lived with cats or dogs but is great with people.

Chloe hopes she can find a home where she will be loved for the rest of her life!


Adopted December 2019

Jacket, the young cat that was found laying in the street is now known as Angel. She found a great home with a friend of the person who fostered her and they love her so much!