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Cats We've Helped Find a Home

While we normally focus on cats that are feral or have behavioral issues that prevent them from being adoptable (and thus live in our sanctuary), sometimes we get a special few kitties who end up being the right fit to get adopted.


Adopted Early 2018

We don't have a ton of info on Winston, as he ended up getting adopted through another rescue, but you can see this man of mystery is very happy and comfy in his new home!!!

Sweetie, Formally known as Kitten

Adopted April 2019

Kitten had a large growth on her side, which limited her adoption potential, so she was scheduled to be euthanized on a Sunday at 5:00 pm. At about 4:45 pm, PURR decided to pull Kitten and try to get her medical issues resolved. We are soooo happy that we made that decision because this kitty is absolutely amazing. She is so loving and affectionate and is in great health, other than the growth on her side of course.

Thanks to Angela Seward and her amazingly generous friends, we had a great start on the funds needed for her medical expenses. Our amazing donors came through for the rest and we were able to get her the help she needed.

Kitten really is absolutely precious -- when she was at her vet appointment she didn't stop rubbing against everybody for pets and proceeded to make herself comfortable right next to the keypad :)

Complicating her surgery was the fact that she has a heart murmur, which made the sedation a little trickier. Thankfully though, Kitten came through her surgery with no problems whatsoever! She didn’t seem to be in any discomfort, other than hating her cone (although her pain meds probably helped).

Thank you again to everybody who helped save Kitten!!! She has a new name, "Sweetie", which fits her perfectly. In addition to a new name, she has wonderful new home!! As soon as we met Barbara, the lady who opened her home to Sweetie, we knew this would be a fabulous situation. Barbara is one of those people who just radiates kindness (and the world could use a lot more of)! She has a few other kitties, who also welcomed Sweetie into their home.

This was such a perfect ending and could not have been accomplished without everybody coming together to help in any way they could. Thank you again!!

Sweetie had quite the growth!

It's hard to feel stylish with a big lump like that

Feeling fabulous with her post-surgery collar

Showing off the lack of lump!

Zack-Zack, The Handsome Rogue

Adopted June 2019

PURR rescued Zack-Zack from ACCT in Philly where he was timestamped to be euthanized because his medical issues were beyond what could be provided at the shelter.

We had called ACCT about pulling poor Luna, a gorgeous black cat who had virtually no interest. After agreeing to pull Luna, Lifesaving at ACCT mentioned Zack-Zack, telling us about how wonderful he was and we agreed to pull him too.

What an absolutely AMAZING cat he turned out to be! 😻He's gorgeous, fluffy and so affectionate, even when he must have been feeling terrible as a result of the awful condition of his mouth.

When we got him he was super skinny, surely because of how painful it was for him to eat, and he had a bit of an upper respiratory infection. Thankfully these were relatively easy issues to take care of with funding from our generous donors!

Zack-Zack has now found a loving home and couldn't be happier! 😺

After his initial rescue, looking very thin

Hanging out in the bathtub in his new home

Relaxing and happy to be at a healthy weight

Such a dashing kitty cat

Stealing some smooches, that rogue

Fiona and Finn

Adopted in July 2019

Say hello to Fiona and Finn! These two little cuties became super bonded foster siblings while living together.

Fiona (the orange, striped one) is about three months old and is a ball of energy! She was turned into the ACCT after she was found all alone outside.

Finn (the tan one) is a “teenager”, probably about 10 months old. He's laid back and very affectionate. He was dumped in the middle of the night at a nearby horse farm 😢.

PURR was thrilled to find a great home that took both of them and allowed them to keep living together! 😺

Fiona, a little ball of energy and love

Finn, a laid back and affectionate gentleman


Adopted in July 2019

We rescued Snowball, the declawed senior white cat, from ACCT where she had been abandoned by her owner of 12 years 😿 She was not doing well at all in the shelter environment and her health was declining rapidly from the stress so she was timestamped for euthanasia. Fortunately, a kind soul offered to foster Snowball, so PURR was able to pull her from the shelter!

Snowball is very, very affectionate and just loves attention. Although she was declawed by her previous owner, she still loves scratching posts where she mimics using her nails. She is very small and doesn’t seem to have been taken very good care of in her previous home. When she was first pulled from ACCT, she had absolutely awful intestinal issues and once that started to clear up, she developed an upper respiratory infection. Her foster mom gave her such great care that Snowball was finally healthy and even putting on some much needed weight!

Huge thanks to Angela Seward for all her tireless work promoting Snowball and for Maddy Ann, who literally saved Snowball’s life by agreeing to foster her and then nursed her back to good health! We are so appreciative to Angela, Maddy and to all the supporters who donated to Snowball’s care and medical needs!

We are happy to say that we finally found a loving home for Snowball! 😺

Striking her best model pose!

Looking for some tasty treats

Showing off her stylish collar

Snowball is super affectionate. Here she is going for a high five!


Adopted in August 2019

Willy (formally known as Roadie) was adopted by 2 amazing ladies! We're thrilled to have him go off to such a great home 😸.


Adopted in August 2019

Max was a popular little guy who had a lot of people interested in him. He finally got adopted and is now at is his new home!