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The adoption fee for adult cats is $50, and for kittens it's $90. This helps us cover:

  • The vet costs needed to get them in tiptop shape and ready to be adopted
  • A stylish collar

We also strongly recommend that our adopters consider getting two cats, especially if you plan on getting kittens! We've found that having two cats is about the same amount of work as having one cat, but comes with a number of benefits:

  • It gives your cat a buddy to play and socialize with. This really helps them not get bored and improves their emotional well being
  • You get twice the cuddles and love
  • We will waive the adoption fee for the second cat if you choose to do this!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

You can check out our cats who have already found a home on our PURR Alumni page.

😻 Featured Pet: Sarah😻


Sarah is looking for her forever home, hopefully in time for the holidays!

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I have even been working on perfecting my loaf. My foster mommy is teaching me the ways of the Christmas tree (fun to lay under!) in hopes I will be well prepared for my forever family before Christmas 💕 I have attached my wishlist below:

  1. A forever family that loves and adores me
  2. Another kitty in my forever family (I will make them fall in love with me; I simply adore all kitties)
  3. Lots of head massages and pets
  4. Toys
  5. All the laps to nap on and the fuzzy blankets to snuggle in



If interested in bringing me home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺


Rosie is one of our older cats looking for an adoption. More info about her coming soon!

If interested in giving her a home, please fill out our adoption application below. 😺


Melinda was left at the shelter as a senior with skin issues, but she is doing great in foster care. We think maybe she just retired too early, because she loves to help out around her foster mom's office, and is an excellent seat-warmer.

The vet says Melinda's skin issues were just high sensitivity to fleas, which are all gone. Her pretty tabby coat is almost all grown in and her health is otherwise excellent.

Look at those beautiful eyes and put in an application for this sweet older doll using the form below! 😺


Amber is a gorgeous calico/tortie cat, approximately 3 years old. She gets along great with other cats and is very laid back and sweet. Poor Amber was surrendered to ACCT, the local animal shelter by her owner’s mother, who alleged that her daughter was a drug addict who had abandoned her cat.

This poor thing was only about 4 lbs when she was surrendered to ACCT but is happy and healthy in her foster home and is finally putting on some much needed weight! Thank you Maddy Ann for fostering this darling!

If interested in bringing her home, please fill out our adoption application below. 😺


Meet Pancake (formerly known as Kennedy) a beautiful long haired female calico who was surrendered to ACCT bc her owners could no longer care for her. Pancake was on an extended timestamped (meaning she would be euthanized if she was not out by a specific time/date). Now I get to snuggle with this beautiful girl on my days off! She is super sweet and affectionate.

If interested in bringing her home, please fill out our adoption application below. 😺


A pretty, sassy, but shy chonk looking for her forever home.

Hi there! My name is Spirit aka Miss Moo. My foster mom insists on calling me this and I’ve become accustomed to answering to this name. I’m 8 years old and live with my foster mom and her boisterous cats, and I’m on the lookout for my forever home.

I would like to be your one and only companion, and although I’m slowly opening up to the calmer resident cats, I would really prefer to reign queen supreme with no other pets to worry about. Dogs are an absolute no-no, and I really am looking for a patient, cat-savvy person who will allow space and time for me to flourish. Don’t let my size fool you either, I’m fast on my feet and love to chase ribbons and laser toys. I’ve also mastered the art of napping, and do so in style.

I was surrendered to the shelter after my Momma’s grandchildren moved into the house, I did not have a good time with this situation and it’s taken time for me to open up and trust people again. I would prefer not to be in a home with children, although older ones may be ok if they understand my boundaries. When you earn my trust , I’m a sweetheart and I show affection whenever I see you, in my own special way. Note this does not include belly-rubs, they are not for me!

If interested in bringing me home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺

Big Boris

A big and very handsome man looking for some big hugs.

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺


Zoey is a 6 month old grey cat who is a little shy at first, but warms up very quickly!

If interested in bringing her home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺


Meet Hopper! This boy is a big ball of love. Are there multiple people in the room? He will go from one to the next making sure that everyone feels the same amount of his undying love and affection.

He is a great jumper and loves being high on the cat tree so we named him "Hopper" as a tribute to the character from Stranger Things. He even makes little hops to have your hand pet his head. He's quick to adapt to new situations and within two hours of being at our house he let us cut his nails - while PURRING. Do you know how incredibly special that makes him?!

Living on the streets of West Philadelphia, he was taken in by the Philadelphia Urgent Rescue Relief (P.U.R.R.) rescue on December 8th. We are pretty sure he wasn't allowed indoors, since he is mystified by things like the refrigerator compressor and the dishwasher running! He really likes potent catnip, scratching posts, and chasing feathers! He just tapped on my keyboard with his paw, he wants to make sure that I let you know that his forever home must be good with lap sits as well. Because he loves lap sits. Oh, and hopping!

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺


Meet Hippopotamus! Another of the cats that we recently pulled is with a great foster. He needs a little time to monitor his medical issues and get him cleaned up a bit. His foster is also working on his behavior issues as he gets a little overstimulated but hopefully he will be ready for adoption soon!

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺


Say hello to Tony! Tony is super, super sweet and so handsome but has really bad injuries on his paws so he probably won't be ready for adoption for a bit.

If interested in bringing him home when he's all patched up, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺

Mr. Buttons

Say hello to Mr. Buttons! He loves interactive toys and to be played with. He adjusts quickly to other cats, and is big on snuggling and likes to sleep on the sofa and bed.

Mr. Buttons would be well suited for a family of kids or adults willing to play with him. He does well with children, sounds from the tv, vacuuming, music etc.

We believe he has had the freedom of going outside and inside so new owner will need to be cautious he does not get out.

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺


From his Foster Mom:

Tiger is seriously the best cat. (Don't let my kittens know I said that). If you like cat headbutts, he's your guy. He purrs as soon as he sees me and can't get enough attention. He loves getting belly rubs and head scratches. His personality is just absolute sweetheart, not a mean bone in his body.

All he wants is to be loved! He does very well with little kids. My niece (2) and nephew (3) were over and were so excited to meet him and get to pet a kitty that didn't run away from them (like my kittens do!). Tiger loved the attention from them! He scratches his scratching post and uses the litter box great!

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺

Kittens Available!!!

Although we generally lean towards saving the older cats with medical issues, we decided to save some urgent kitties from ACCT since kitten season has moved into high gear.


A kind ginger cat looking for a new home.

Max is a super sweet little orange kitty (approximately 3-4 months old) who is so happy to have an inside home. He is just a little bit shy at first but quickly warms up and becomes a purr machine. He really likes other cats, even though his foster siblings are beating him up a bit. He is dog friendly, too!

Would love a home where he can get lots of love!

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out the adoption application below. 😺

Baby (left) and his sister Sarah (right) hanging out

Sarah AKA Bettie Binks

Say hello to Sarah, formerly known as Ali and Bettie Binks. She was a really shy kitty who had been rescued from the streets of Philadelphia with her sister and her brother. Her brother was almost immediately sweet and affectionate but her sister was very skittish and scared. Sarah was right in the middle.

One of our amazing fosters, Maddy Ann, agreed to take her and work on getting her more socialized. Maddy has done an amazing job with her and In just a few weeks she has completely turned Sarah around. She now solicits love and pets and is becoming sweeter by the day.

Sarah is about 6 months old, fully vetted and is all ready to find her forever home where she can continue to gets lots of love and affection. She is great with other cats and dogs but would probably do best in a quieter household.

If interested in bringing her home, please fill out our adoption application below. 😺


Friday is a handsome little kitten looking for his new home! He's a gray short haired tabby. He's sweet, but can be a bit skittish with noises or new people. He doesn't like to be held, but that may change! He does loves to play though and is a very silly little guy.

If interested in bringing him home, please fill out our adoption application below. 😺


Say hello to Missy, another gray, short haired tabby kitten. She's very healthy, though a bit shy and timid. She would benefit greatly from some more socialization. She gets a little nervous with people touching here, but is okay with it when she is high up or eating.

Missy definitely loves to play! At first, she may run away from you if you approach her, so it takes a lot of patience to earn her trust. But when you do, she's a sweet little lady.

If interested in bringing her home, please fill out our adoption application below. 😺

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