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We have recently partnered with ACCT in Philadelphia to provide life-saving care for cats who would have to be euthanized otherwise. Due to the large expenses of these surgeries, we create fundraisers to help with their cost. Check out the happy stories of the cats that PURR has been able to save due to the generosity of our supporters!

We also hold fundraisers to help maintain and improve our cat sanctuary.

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Please Help PURR with These Unexpected Expenses!

Help us help these cats get the treatment they need!

September 2019

Since the beginning of this year, PURR has expanded our impact significantly by pulling a number of medically urgent cats from ACCT, the open intake shelter of Philadelphia. Being able to help these cats who were hours or even minutes away from euthanasia has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever!

While we have been able to do more for the cats of Philly than we had ever imagined, we also have incurred more expenses than we ever could have imagined. Fortunately, the incredible generosity of our supporters has offset the vast majority of our expenses, which is why we have been able to continue saving so many kitties!

Recently, however, we have incurred some very large expenses that we were not expecting at all and it has definitely taken a toll on our small rescue.

  • You may remember Kai, who is now named Willow. She is a lovely senior kitty who was timestamped for euthanasia after being surrendered by her owners. She did not have any significant medical issues so PURR decided to pull her. She recovered from a minor URI and got full blood work tests done, which came back showing everything was great! She really came out of her shell with her amazing foster so she was just about ready for her forever home. Then, last week she started having some very labored breathing and had to be rushed to the vet. She had developed some liquid around her lungs and had to have emergency surgery to drain the liquid.
  • We recently noticed that Tabitha (formerly known as Tibbles), another darling senior kitty who was surrendered because of dental issues, has a pronounced limp that has gotten worse and is causing her discomfort. We need to get x-rays and then develop a plan of action for her.
  • The diabetic cat Butterscotch who was saved months ago is still having issues getting his diabetes in check so we had to get him a Blood Glucose Curve Test. After that, he came down with a URI and a UTI so he had to go back to the vet for these ailments and we were charged a lot more than we ever would have anticipated.
  • The dog we agreed to help, Lexi, had surgery at The Bridge Clinic yesterday and the bill was $1050, which was even more than we had expected!

All these unexpected expenses have taken a lot of our resources at a time when we really need to be getting our colony cats ready for the winter. A few of the colony cats have URIs and we need to get these resolved before the winter months arrive. A couple of the cats have developed dental issues and will need to have extractions before winter. Not to mention, the cost of winterizing the entire colony.

Any help in getting us back on track after dealing with these unexpected expenses would be really, really appreciated! No amount is too small but if you are unable to donate right now, please share!

Thank you in advance for your incredible generosity and for making it possible for us to help the cats of Philadelphia!